Sport Aerobics

Sylviane at the 1998 NAC National Championships, Individual Class I.

Sylviane competed in Sport Aerobics from 1995 to 1998 in both individual as well as mixed pairs. She earned a silver medal in mixed pairs at Nationals in 1997 and 1998. She was also invited to Worlds in 1997 and 1998.

Sylviane choreographs and coaches many top athletes including Jenny Porter Mahoney who won the regional championships and went on to Nationals to be the individual Sport Aerobics National Champion in 2001. (class 2). She also trains Rena Prasad who was second place at Nationals in 2002 (class 2). Sylviane was also a professional performer for the NAC in 1997.

Sylviane's areas of expertise include coaching, choreography, costume and music selection and mixing, as well as improving technical skills.

Sport Aerobics coaching is available for individuals, mixed pairs, trios, adults and kids.

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Robert Brady and Sylviane
NAC- 1998 mixed pair
Silver medal National Champions

Sylviane, Jenny and the Brazilian Trio World Aerobic Champions at the National Aerobics Championships in 2001 on the beach front in Miami Beach.

Jenny's Testimonial

As a sport aerobic competitor I tried 2 or 3 other coaches before meeting Sylviane. Sylviane was the first coach and choreographer that fit her training to me, instead of dropping me in a cookie cutter program based around the strengths of the coach.

Although we did an initial assessment when we first started training, Sylviane paid attention to how my body reacted after each training session, and constantly worked to modify training to fit me. This resulted in my becoming National sport aerobic Champion in 2001 Class II competition. I continue to train with Sylviane as I work to be competitive in Class I.

Sylviane is a true professional, who continually challenges me to go beyond where I think I can go, to where she knows
I can go. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to do the same... no matter what the sport.

Jennifer Mahoney Porter
2001 Sport Aerobics Champion, Class II

Jennifer Mahoney Porter
2001 Sport Aerobics Champion, Class II


Sylviane competing in the 1996 Fitness America Pageant Top 10 finalists out of over 80 competitors

Sylviane competed in Fitness from 1994 to 1999. She was the ESPN series champion two times in 1995 and 1996. She was in the top 10 at the Fitness America Nationals in 1996, and she was 6th in the World at the Fitness Universe Pageant in 1999. Sylviane has also performed her highly technical and entertaining routines at Fitness Expos, Events, and in Videos and on live TV.

Having both a Fitness and Sport Aerobics background as well as being diverse in many dance disciplines gives Sylviane the perfect balance to choreography routines for Fitness. Sylviane uses your own personal strengths as a foundation to choreograph a routine perfect to your own performances style.




Sylviane's background in dance includes a degree from The Center for research in Sports and Physical Education (CREPS) in France. Areas of discipline include ballet, jazz, contemporary dance and gymnastics, as well as anatomy and physiology. Sylviane performed with Madonna Grimes Fitness and Dance Theatre Company for 3 years. She had several dance teams in France and she currently leads a dance team here in America.

Sylviane enjoys many forms of dance and teaches Salsa classes at several Health Clubs. Sylviane's unique style of dance also known as "Latino Caliente" has been extremely popular to health club members. She has even caught the attention of the Discovery channel to do a segment on her highly motivating teaching style.

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