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Salsa Classes

Also known as Latino Caliente.

Sylviane's Salsa Classes combine the traditional moves of low impact aerobics and dance with the elements and sensuality of Salsa.

Latino Caliente is perfect for all levels, teaching you salsa moves while you get an incredible cardiovascular workout and most importantly have fun doing it. One on one and small group classes are also available.

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Salsa Workshops

Sylviane is available for Latino Caliente workshops.

Workshops are also available with live latino music, or a live DJ. Sylviane's workshops are perfect for salsa and dance instructors of all levels as well as individuals passionate for salsa and dance.

For more information about organizing a workshop please contact Sylviane at:

Dance Team

Sylviane's dance team was started in 1997 with a group of highly energetic and talented individuals taking her salsa classes.

Now Sylviane's dance team tours all over Southern California performing for various charities, birthday parties, weddings and organizations. Sylviane's dance team excites and inspires everyone who attends with their explosive power and original moves. They incorporate several disciplines including salsa, hip hop, dance and gymnastics.

For more information about upcoming events or to book Sylviane's dance team for your upcoming event, please send an email to:


Bonnie's Testimonial

I have trained with Sylviane over a two year period and have only the highest of praise for her competence and character. She has a deep knowledge of physiology and how the human body best performs. Possibly more important, she cares deeply for her clients and ensures that she will get the best performance out of you. And can she dance! Can't imagine anyone else getting me to salsa at 6:30 am. A relentlessly good spirited individual, she has motivated me healthy and as I recuperated from an extensive leg and foot injury. I don't think I would have made it without her!

Bonnie Saland

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